Las Vegas: Caputo Napoli Pizza Village awarded as The Best Food Festival in the World

Naples, 20 December 2018 – A worldwide recognition for the event “Caputo Napoli Pizza Village“. A 17-member jury panel with experts in communication, marketing, television, as well as influencers and writers of international renown awarded the Neapolitan event as The Best Food Festival in the world, within The FestX Awards in Las Vegas.

Through a combination of a public and a jury vote, 13 categories competing in the FestX Awards were awarded. Caputo Napoli Pizza Village triumphed over the five contestants announced within its category, as among the other things the only European event running.

“If in 2011 first edition, someone had asked us about the future of NPV in the next 10 years, we would not have been able to even imagine a growth dotted with so many prestigious achievements.” This was the comment of Claudio Sebillo and Alessandro Marinacci, founders and organizers of the event dedicated to Neapolitan pizza, soon after the award as Best Food Festival.

NPV project results from a constant and determined work that has always focused on two symbols of Naples: pizza, and the city absolute beauty. It all started with the 2011 first edition at the Mostra d’Oltremare but the turning point came in 2012, when the event was held in the beautiful setting of the lungomare Caracciolo, which has become the icon of the event around the world over the years.

In just 8 years – passing from 60.000 visitors in 2011, mostly from Naples and its suburbs to more than a MILLION visitors recorded on the 2018 edition, with more than 300.000 tourists from the rest of Italy and abroad – there have been many events, awards and satisfactions for the organizers.

A story studded with unique initiatives as in 2013, when the idea of a museum dedicated to Neapolitan pizza was launched with the setting up of the MIP – International Museum of Pizza, a temporary exhibition with a historiography, equipment, images and videos of the queen of Neapolitan culinary tradition.

Even the long and hard process for the recognition of the Art of Neapolitan Pizzaiuolo as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO started at NPV in 2014, when the former Minister of Agriculture Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio launched a petition, which – three years later with over 2 million signatures collected – would have become the petition with the largest number of supporters in the history of UNESCO.

We cannot forget the images of the longest pizza in the world, which were broadcast on TV news around the world, and let Naples and NPV go down in history for the Guinness World Record for a pizza 1853.88 meters long. Thousands of pizza makers both from Naples and all continents worked along the seafront in a titanic challenge, which is still alive in the hearts of those who lived that extraordinary day.

An international consecration came in October 2018, when NPV made its first appearance abroad. The first edition of New York Pizza Festival was held in New York during the Columbus Day week. Special Guest was Napoli Pizza Village with a Dream Team of Neapolitan pizza makers (Sorbillo, Francesco and Salvatore Salvo, Rossopomodoro, Brandi, Trianon, Concettina ai Tre Santi, Vesi and Porzio). A jubilant huge crowd led by the mayor Bill De Blasio celebrated the landing of Neapolitan pizza in the Big Apple.

The most recent success goes back to December 11, 2018, when NPV is on the top of the podium for the Best Food Festival award at The FestX Awards in Las Vegas, the most prestigious competition in the world for events of all kind from all over the world.