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Naples and New York have never been so close. NPV special guest at NY Pizza Festival

On 6 and 7 October 2018, in the middle of the Columbus Day week, NPV made its first official appearance abroad – sponsored by Regione Campania through the Tourism Department and the Agenzia Regionale Campania Turismo as well as the City of Naples – and did so in another world capital of pizza, New York. 30 ovens were lit in the famous Bronx district during the 1st New York Pizza Festival, an opportunity for different pizza styles to meet, a Neapolitan style, which is spreading in the Big Apple, and a New York and a Chicago Style. That was a real party, which took place in one of the “most Italian” districts of the city. Setting of the international event, in fact, was the Belmont Business Improvement District. The event saw the participation of the most renowned US pizza makers, of many world food testimonials and, above all, of the most renowned NPV pizza makers. Naples and New York are unquestionably two places of worship for pizza lovers. NPV presence in the Big Apple has built, this way, a real bridge over the Atlantic for worshippers of Her Majesty the Pizza.

NPV – as the organizers Claudio Sebillo and Alessandro Marinacci state – is now grown up enough, and ready to meet an international audience and compete in new challenges. New York is an expression of different cultures, where even food is ahead of its time, innovation in its purest form. Therefore, our task and goal will be to spread our traditions and Neapolitan spirit throughout the world, thus showing how our Masters’ manual skill and craftsmanship can make the difference between Neapolitan pizza and other pizzas.

Supported by many among the main companies in the field – including Mulino Caputo, Ciao Pomodori and Rossopomodoro – NPV thus lined up a real “Dream Team” with some of the most famous and renowned icons in the world: Brandi, Trianon, Concettina ai Tre Santi, Sorbillo, Vesi, Rossopomodoro, Fratelli Salvo and Porzio. Pizza makers and pizzerias who shaped the history of the dish that very likely represents us most in the world.

Thus an internationalization effort has begun, that will see NPV cross national borders as an ambassador of our pizza, our city and region in the coming months and years. A promotional activity that will cover, after the U.S., Europe and the Far East.