Napoli and New York Have Never Been So Close
The Napoli Pizza Village is a special guest of the New York Pizza Festival

On October 5 and 6, the Naples Pizza Village will make its second official appearance abroad, and will do so in the other world capital of pizza: New York. In the famous Bronx borough, in fact, 30 ovens will turn on at the 2° edition of New York Pizza Festival, an opportunity to taste different styles of pizza including the Neapolitan one that is spreading in the Big Apple, as well as  New York-style and Chicago-style. A real party in one of the most Italian neighborhoods of the city, the international event will be in the Belmont Business Improvement District, with the participation of the most famous American pizza chefs, an opportunity to try global food and, above all, of the most renowned Neapolitan Pizza Masters of the Naples Pizza Village. Naples and New York are unquestionably two homes of the cult of pizza and the presence of the Naples Pizza Village in the Big Apple creates a real bridge across the Atlantic for lovers of her majesty, la pizza. A connection ideally marked by the higly appreciated and efficient flight by United Airlines, a new partner of Napoli Pizza Village. The Napoli Pizza Village, its creators Claudio Sebillo and Alessandro Marinacci, is now mature after 9 years and ready to meet an international audience and compete in new challenges. New York is an expression of different cultures, a reality in which food is in the avant-garde, innovation in its purest state. Our task and our target, therefore, will be to share our

traditions and Neapolitan-ness with the world, demonstrating how the craftsmanship, artisanship, and skill of our Masters differentiate Neapolitan pizza from other extremely respectable types of pizza.

The Napoli Pizza Village, with the support of many of the leadings company in the sector such as Molino Caputo, Ciao Pomodori and Ferrarini (that will present in new York a special pizza with ham), has deployed a real “dream team”, with some of the most well-known and recognized pizza icons in the world: “ Sorbillo” by Gino and Toto Sorbillo , “Fratelli Salvo” by Salvatore Salvo, “Concettina ai Tre Santi” by Ciro Oliva, Vincenzo Capuano, “Antica Pizzeria da Gennaro” by Fabio Cristiano, “ ossopomodoro” by Davide Civitiello, “Le figlie di Iorio” by Teresa Iorio and “Pizzeria da Ciro” by Ciro Manfredi. These are Pizza Chefs and pizzerias who wrote the history of the dish that most probably represents Naples  in the world more than anything else. It is the beginning of a path of internationalization that will see the Naples Pizza Village leave its national borders repeatedly in the next months and years as an ambassador of our pizza, our city, and our region. This path that will include, after the US, experience in Europe and Far East.