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Pizza Tales: an authoritative voice on the subject of pizza

Naples becomes the ambassador of pizza in Italy and around the world, narrating all its nuances through PIZZA TALES, a new printed and digital editorial project produced by PizzaVillage with the ambition of being able to tell the story of a world, in which PizzaVillage itself is an integral part, that deserves to be represented in each of its aspects, with simplicity.

The most relevant trends in the world of pizza, news, events, the most popular ingredients and the most innovative techniques make Mag Pizza Tales a source of inspiration, both for the artisans of pizza and for all pizza lovers.

The art of the Neapolitan pizza maker, recognized as a Unesco World Heritage Site, is at the center of a continuous dialogue with other pizza schools in Italy and abroad: the Roman, the Venetian, but also those in Brazil, Japan and the United States.

An editorial staff driven by a deep knowledge of the sector, professionalism, ethics and passion. This is the source of themed content that, from time to time, gives a new and always up-to-date slant to the story thanks to the support of food illustrators and food photographers who look at both the international scene and the strong local identities as a source of inspiration for their stories.

A trendy editorial project with a pop style, perfect for a universal product such as pizza.

This gives space to iconic and famous people, moreover putting the lesser-known personalities in the limelight. 

These people are part of the large army of good pizza makers who make the pizza sector one of the motors of the Italian economy. This audacious army comprises over a million employees and tens of thousands of establishments spread throughout the country.

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