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Pizza Village


In 2019 the record edition: 1,063,000 visitors and 131,000 pizzas churned out in 10 days, a breathtaking village of 30,000 square meters. set up in the beautiful setting of the famous and picturesque waterfront Caracciolo, enlivened by the presence of 50 of the most famous pizzerias. 

A rich program with great live events and concerts with free access, but also exhibitions, conferences and seminars, entertainment and educational workshops for adults and children, all broadcast daily on radio and TV by RTL 102.5, the official media partner.

PizzaVillage has grown and amplified its reach beyond words. The development of a Phygital Format and the integration of a digital asset has transformed PizzaVillage into a multichannel communication project.
Nevertheless, given the fact that the joy and pleasure of being together unconditionally cannot be separated from pizza, PizzaVillage is looking forward to expanding its horizons.
Pizza Village is on the verge of organizing its next big live events both in Italy and abroad.

A real journey in which, year after year, the product, the “artisans” and the production chain have contributed to telling the story of pizza by spreading its culture and traditions.

It is only postponed the celebration of the 10th edition of the Pizza Village in Naples.


Pizza and the Pizza Village can’t ignore the joy and pleasure of being together in an unconditional way and, therefore, there is a great wait to meet and let yourself go in an explosion of joy, taste and aromas … all the ingredients that will make the X edition an absolutely unforgettable edition.

Queste le pizzerie presenti al Pizza Village Milano 2024. Ogni pizzeria presenterà, oltre alle classiche ed intramontabili Margherita e Marinara, la propria pizza speciale, vero biglietto da visitare il grande pubblico. (SCARICA QUI LA PIANTA DELL'EVENTO)

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