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The TOUR | Naples

3 - 6 june 2021

Coca-Cola PizzaVillage@Home is coming to Naples June 3rd – 6th, 2021.

Pizza, the most beloved international pop star ever, is making a stop where it all began: Naples, its city. 

 The greatest Pizza Masters are waiting for you in their homes, the pizzerias, to share the unique experience of Coca-Cola PizzaVillage@Home! 

 For 4 days, at dinner, you can sample a specialty prepared exclusively for the occasion by your favorite Master Pizza Maker in any pizzeria and receive our complimentary Special Pizza Box containing many surprises. 

 Discover the pizzerias of the Coca-Cola PizzaVillage@Home Circuit and the specialty pizza that each pizzeria has created for this occasion. Join Coca-Cola PizzaVillage@Home!

Live a unique experience.

Pizzerias, Pizza Makers and the specialties

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