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The Art of the Neapolitan Pizzaiolo Unesco Heritage

7 dicembre 2017: un percorso durato 3 anni, partito al Pizza Village di Napoli nel 2014.

December 7th, 2017: 3 years later, the journey that began at PizzaVillage in Naples in 2014, has reached its destination. 

PizzaVillage is proud to have started and constantly supported the path that has led to the recognition of the Art of Neapolitan Pizzaiolo Unesco Intangible Heritage. 

It all started in 2014, when together with Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio, President of the UniVerde Foundation and former Minister of Agriculture and Environment, PizzaVillage decided to launch what has now become the most popular petition in the history of Unesco, #PizzaUnesco, launched on the platform. 

Pizza Village, happy with its accomplishment, thanks Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio, for having tenaciously and with great skill, traced the path and accompanied everyone to the that goal, and Prof. Pierluigi Petrillo, Head of Delegation of Mipaaf, for the valuable work done in the drafting of the dossier and for the diplomatic effort.

Thanks again to the tireless testimonial Jimmy Ghione of Striscia la Notizia and, finally and above all, to the more than 2 MILLION supporters from over 100 countries – including citizens, personalities, institutions, businesses and representatives of civil society, in Italy and around the world –  who have joined the petition and the campaign. 
Hurray Maestri pizzaioli napoletani!

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