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World Record

Lungomare Caracciolo, May, 18th, 2016: Pizza Village and Naples go down in history.

With its 1853.88 meters, and a width of 50 cm, the margherita pizza made by the over 500 Master pizza makers from PizzaVillage has led the city to win the Guinness World Record for the longest pizza in the world. 

Hundreds of pizza makers from all over the world took part in the initiative, kneading about 2000 kg of Mulino Caputo flour and topping the giant pizza with 1600 kg of CIAO tomato, 2000 kg of Orchidea fior di latte, 200 liters of Sapio oil and 30 kg of basil from the company Basilico Napoletano. 

The processing of the pizza – which took, to be exact, 6 hours and 11 minutes – ended with the baking phase in 5 special mobile wood-fired ovens, made in collaboration with the leading company in the sector, Forni Magliano. Equipped with an electric motor and bearing the colors of the different continents, the five ovens worked simultaneously, moving  the pizza along and cooking up to fifty meters of it in the space of 30 minutes. 

A date to remember for PizzaVillage and for the Master pizza makers who came from each of the 5 continents. With its huge steel pan, 5 customized special ovens and 1,876 meters of pizza. In 2016, PizzaVillage made the history books once again for the city of Naples and for its ambassadors. 

A spectacle within a spectacle: the Caracciolo waterfront, already the scene of the largest and most significant event representing Neapolitan pizza in the world, on the day dedicated to the Guinness World Record feat, presented itself to broadcasters from around the world and to the eyes of millions of viewers, staging a show that gave it the credit for making the longest pizza in the world and ever.



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